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My name is Mario Mesquita

My work delves into the complexities of knowledge and relationships shaped by societal boundaries, all while maintaining a healthy dose of playfulness. Trained in graphic arts, I navigate from thought-provoking dialogues to visually engaging representations, finding a sweet spot of engagement in my advocacy and educational endeavors.


As the son of a first-gen Chicana university graduate, influenced by my upbringing, sharing knowledge has been a cornerstone of both my professional and artistic journey. My practice spans across organizing, education, mentoring, and a playful mix of graphics, installations, photography, and performances.


I value the uniqueness of our experiences and the cultural layers that define us, while also celebrating the common threads that bind us together. From community-based research to counseling in academia, and advocacy of arts and culture, my diverse experiences have shaped how I infuse contemporary art into advocacy and education, both within and beyond traditional settings.


I firmly believe that art is not just about aesthetics but serves as a powerful conduit for learning, social exploration, and catalyzing positive change. I look to embrace the quirks of our journeys while uncovering the shared narratives that connect us all.

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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

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